Kingsbridge Library invites SHAW and general public for consultation evening

This week Maria Johnson from Kingsbridge Library presented Janet Chawner a hamper full of yummy local produce. Janet was the lucky winner of the hamper when her name was drawn from one of the many people that took part in our questionnaire at the Kingsbridge show recently. The questionnaire looked at gaining more insight into the fantastic services/assets that already exist in our locality that help with enhancing peoples wellbeing, but also asked what could be improved. If you would like to have your say then please go to the more feedback the better.
Gaining as much local opinion as possible before we go operational is really important to us, please join us at a public meeting, 18:30 hrs on 23rd November. This will be hosted by the Kingsbridge Library where Dr James Mottram plus other members of the SHAW team will update you on progress and use the time for a general consultation exercise. We look forward to seeing you there……..